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ICOM ID-5100 A-Deluxe VHF/UHF Digital Transceivers feature an intuitive touch screen interface that provides quick and smooth operation for settings and editing various functions and memories. Their large, 5.5 in. 320 × 128 pixel touch display features an easy-to-see software keypad (QWERTY keyboard) that allows you to input alphanumeric characters quickly. Expanded receiver coverage includes 118-174 MHz and 375-550 MHz with dual receiver capability that allows you to receive two bands simultaneously (including within a single band). Almost all VHF and UHF communications are available to you! ID-5100A-Ds also have simultaneous receive for FM/FM and FM/DV modes, and the capability of monitoring two DV signals. The main band audio has priority if two DV signals come in at the same time.  These transceivers feature integrated GPS which allows you to transmit and receive position data from the built-in GPS receiver. Position, course, speed and altitude are shown on the display. The GPS position information can be used for exchanging position reports, tracing the GPS log and searching for nearby repeater sites. Their GPS antenna is located in the remote head, no external GPS antenna required.
The DV/FM repeater list function assists you in accessing near-by repeaters, even when you are visiting an area for the first time. This function searches for near-by repeaters using the repeater memories with the GPS position information. sound when the transceiver receives a preset tone. 1750 Hz tone is also available. 

High quality public service grade radio used by police / fire departments and utility companies for remote work. (Cost Breakdown - $ 490.00 for the radio, $35 for Programming, $ 30 for Modification, $20 for shipping = $575.00 )

ICOM ID-5100 VHF / UHF Dual Band with Touch and GPS (50W)

SKU: MR-5100-50W
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