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Gen 2  Relay Mod to upgrade the capacity of the Gen 2 / 3 Raptor,  100A max, and comes with 4-30A, 1-10A and fuse with 6-35A mini relays.   Unit is weatherproof with sealed wire opening and is intended to be underhood mounted.  Unit comes with #8 Power wire with 100A main fuse,  ground wire and trigger wires to be tied to the existing factory AUX switch wires under the hood. The unit also comes with a Trigger Wire to use your factory hi-beam switch or technoligy pack to turn on all off-road lights.  ( For Off-Road Use Only*)  An extra switch is included and is used to allow the Hi-Beam control to turn on the lights.   ( contact Keith for Gen 3 optionsbefore ordering)

Gen 2 Hi-beam Modified Relay Panel (Extra Switch Controlled)

  • The stock unit has diode in all five locations,  If you do not want the unit to turn on a rear light with the Hi-Beam switch simply remove the diode like a fuse is pulled.  

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