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Radio-Baofeng UV-5R handheld radio (5W)  Radio-Baofeng UV-5R handheld radio (5W)  Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-519.995 MHz, VHF and UHF in one Radio. Dual-Band Display, Dual Frequency Display, Dual-Standby with an Output Power of 5 Watts. Unit can store 128 channels, has a built-in VOX Function, FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz) as well as a built in LED Flashlight. A large LCD Display that the colors can be changed. A great first radio and works well in and out of the truck. Unit can be used in the truck and around the hotel at the end of the day. This radio is a popular back up radio as well due to its strong Lithium Ion battery. (Cost Breakdown  $35.00 for Radio,  $20 for Programming, $10 for shipping)

Baofeng UV-5R handheld radio (5W)

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